Positive People

Are You Excited about Today?

Many people join nonprofits with great hearts and love for people, excited about making a difference in the world.  Great hearts don’t always come with great habits.  This is a conversation about unity and diversity.

When you reflect on your organisation, which of the following lists would you most identify with?  

Growing Together

  • Trust, warmth and freedom
  • Generating results with ease
  • Failure not fatal, grace to grow
  • Excited about our future
  • Focused and effective

Growing Apart

  • Angst and awkwardness
  • Struggling to succeed
  • Blame and annoyance
  • Fearful of change
  • Distracted and ineffective

You can have a team of positive people

We enable teams like yours to form positive perspectives, feel better, make great choices and do more together than previously possible.

Talent When You Need It from the Nonprofit Platform

The Nonprofit Platform has a team of experts available to provide you with professional services on demand, ensuring that you have access to the best advice and support when you need it, without the huge overheads of salaries for staff in these roles.  The Nonprofit Platform provides shared services to multiple nonprofits meaning you get better prices and sector insights.  We are also able to facilitate collaborative applications for funding and holistic community initiatives.  Together, we can achieve much more for less.  


CFO as a Service provides your nonprofit with expertise from a Chief Financial Officer to assist with strategic financial planning and risk management.



Fundraiser as a Service provides your nonprofit with expertise from our expert fundraisers to manage grant applications and leverage their experience and knowledge for your success.


CMO as a Service provides your nonprofit with expertise from a Chief Marketing Officer to help with strategic planning of your marketing campaigns to ensure maximum impact and return on investment.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategist as a Service provides you with the latest information, insight and strategic direction to lead your use of digital and online platforms to maximise connection with your donors and communities.

Human Resources

Human Resources as a Service provides your nonprofit with professional help to recruit, train and care for your staff to  maximise their enjoyment and contribution at work.  Resolving conflict and establishing positive habits can bring new life to fatigued and frustrated team members.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety Officer as a Service provides you with peace of mind knowing that your policies are in place and that someone is there to handle incident management.  Risk management and compliance are key areas that many nonprofits know they need to address.  With our help, now you can with confidence.


COO as a Service provides your nonprofit with expertise from an experienced Chief Operations Officer to assist your team leaders with effective and efficient running of your daily operations.  Process optimisation, training and collaborative partnering with other nonprofits are just some of the strategic advantages of using our COO.

Nonprofit Strategy

Nonprofit Strategist as a Service provides you with expertise and experience gained across a wide range of nonprofit organisations we work with.  Gain fresh insight and ideas with actionable plans to implement new thinking that is tailored to fit your unique processes.  Implement these processes using the Smart Systems of the Nonprofit Platform saving time and money.

Solution Specialists

Our solutions specialists may provide training and support for your team members to get them unstuck and maintain momentum in their daily work.

Synergy and Strategic Partnership to Deliver Holistic Services

New opportunities to reap the benefits of synergy also arise through collaboration and strategic partnership to deliver holistic services in our communities.  It takes a village to raise a child, and the Nonprofit Platform is about empowering the village to be more effective at raising its children together.