Smart Systems

Are You Doing the Best that You can with what You have?

Many nonprofits struggle on using tools that are difficult to use, poorly configured and unsupported.  Time and money to get better tools is considered a luxury.  This is a conversation about efficiency and effectiveness, maximising talent and results.

When you reflect on your organisation, which of the following lists would you most identify with?

Easy to Use and Dependable

  • Efficient and fit for purpose
  • Worry free
  • Supported
  • Smart
  • Affordable and up to date

Frustrating and Unreliable

  • Time wasting and inadequate
  • Adding to anxiety
  • Out of date and unsupported
  • Clunky and poorly designed
  • Costly to upgrade

You can do your best with the best tools

We enable nonprofits like yours to have the best tools, at a better price, multiplying the difference donor dollars can make

Core Systems of the Nonprofit Platform


Manage information about your people, including staff, customers and suppliers.  Capture contact details, photos, orders and more.


Manage your money with accounting and financial reporting.  Synchronise with your bank, events and online shop.


Send email, share documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, folders, chat and video conference.

Event Management

Create events, share on social media, schedule activities, register participants, capture stories and engage your community.

More Systems of the Nonprofit Platform


Sell products and services to equip your community and fund your growth.


Manage online courses, schedules, assessments and more.  Train staff and customers. Free and paid access options.


Protect your business from security threats to your physical and digital assets.


Manage risk and compliance, including health and safety, business continuity and hacking.

Video on Demand

Manage your videos and make them available on demand via your own channel.  Enable paid and free access to your video content.


Integrate your devices, sensors and other things in the real world.  Enrich your customer experience.  Automate capture of activity through device awareness.